Keyword Research

Keyword Analysis Report for Web Site Optimisation

We run a candidate list of keywords through an online dictionary/thesaurus, linked to a database of keyword phrases ACTUALLY keyed in by search engine users (a sample of top search engines) over the last 60 days (the DEMAND side of analysis). We then run up to 100 of the top count search terms against Google (and or MSN) to get a count of the number of ACTUAL result listings (i.e. competitor listings) satisfying each keyword phrase (the SUPPLY side of analysis).

What we then do with these actual SUPPLY and DEMAND figures is the subject of OUR competitive advantage over other Web Marketing companies – so we do not detail it here. Of course, if you order a Keyword Analysis for your site, you will get a full explanation, including a sample report, before and after the Report is prepared.

Our report is called a Comprehensive Keyword Analysis Report because we do not rely on guess work, instead relying on fact-based sampling techniques and rigorous procedure. The resultant Keyword Analysis Report will be referred to whenever search engine optimisation is done on your Web site or when minor adjustments or additional keywords are added as part of an ongoing Web Marketing Plan. Used with proper (ethical) SEO placement techniques, it represents your ‘blueprint’ for Internet ‘visibility’ that will give you a competitive advantage over the 98% of all sites that do not use one!