Monitor Online Reputation

Knowing How to Monitor Your Online Reputation

The Internet is considered one of the last safe-havens on earth for freedom of speech. With literally half of the planet’s population turning to the internet for a variety of needs such as news updates, product reviews and social media, any business or brand hoping to make a name for themselves will need to come to terms with the fact that their services may potentially be exposed to thousands of people.

This can offer great marketing potential for businesses, but it’s not unheard of for reputations to also suffer from time to time as a result. If a service doesn’t quite go as well as intended, or if someone takes a dislike to a particular individual or company, then the internet can offer a range of ways to start to attack the entities’ reputation.

How to Monitor Your Online Reputation

There are a variety of platforms that can be used to monitor an online reputation. Some of them specialise in revealing low quality links that may be being used, in order to damage a website’s search engine optimisation campaigns. Others might be able to demonstrate unsavoury comments and feedback, featured on third party websites.

In any event a bad reputation can result in fewer enquiries, less engagement and the potential to suffer with a substantial loss of profit. So, what types of options are available?

Using Online Platforms

Websites such as Ahrefs can help to gauge the types of links that are directing to a particular website, as well as the search terms that are being used to find it. MajesticSEO on the other hand, can help by revealing trust and citation flows – two metrics that are often used by search engines to calculate the reputation of a website.

Hiring an Expert

There are some specialists that work hard to repair damaged reputations and these are often referred to reputation repair experts. It’s typically their role to evaluate the causes of a low quality opinion and then introduce measures to combat the events. Although not always fixable overnight, these experts can certainly turn the tables on a bad opinion over time.

Keeping Track of an Online Rep

Sometimes keeping track of online activities can make a lot of difference to identifying the causes that may be leading to a bad rep, whilst being able to hone in on the events that are adding to a reputation positively. This can be done with a little understanding and expertise, but as some of the methods for tracking can be a little advanced (such as using analytics), it can often be preferred to hire an expert and have them take care of the matter on behalf of the business.