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What is Paid Keyword Advertising

One very popular business approach to online marketing is to pay for advertising on a cost per click basis (CPC) otherwise known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC advertising). The best-known of the PPC advertising services isGoogle Adwords, whose market reach is the largest. The oldest service with the oldest technology is Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly overture.com aka goto.com bought by Yahoo!). This latter service has been significantly upgraded in some markets and have reached Australia by the time you read this article. Microsoft has recently entered the lucrative PPC market, starting in the USA, through its Microsoft AdCenter and will be rolling this out to Australia very soon.

With the Google Adwords technology, your listing is ranked according to the price you bid for each keyword (i.e. keyphrase) and the quality of your ad and it’s landing page. It is a very sophisticated system with dozens of options and traps for young players. For example, careful use of “broad matching” (default) keyword feature, and related matching types, is essential it making sure you do not pay for visitors that are not likely to convert. A professional manager can certainly lower the cost per conversion through good creative production, careful day-to-day management and appropriate conversion tracking.

Why Do You Need It

Per-Per-Click (PPC) advertising programs may be an important component of a comprehensive search engine positioning strategy, and despite their cost, they provide some very distinct advantages to marketers over the standard search engine optimisation and submission processes. For example, buying keywords linked to a Google Ad or Yahoo! listing offers an immediate way for you to drive qualified traffic to your website and an extremely flexible way to support special-purpose advertising campaigns. In addition, with recently introduced sophisticated tracking scheme it is relatively easy to measure your ROI with this form of advertising.

These programs can be used to cover gaps in rankings when a site does not gain sufficient prominence on a particular keyword phrase based on limitations in content quality, quantity, or site technological design. PPC programs also act to promote seasonal initiatives or new product launches or support offline advertising campaigns or opportunities.

The WCR Advantage

WCR will take away the headache from you of managing all of your company’s paid advertising campaigns. Our well researched keyword analysis and our highly disciplined tracking and measurement process alows us to ensure that you do not overspend your budget and receive a positive Return On your Investment (ROI).

With some complex PPC schemes, including concepts like broad matching technology, there are many traps for the inexperienced, causing some to pay for keywords not intended or targeted or to pay a higher rate than needed. When one of our clients is on an optimal Web Marketing Plan, we use the monthly income to design pilot PPC advertising campaigns, working with copywriting skills, click-path analysis, link building and advertising skills to bring relevant, qualified leads to your business.