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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO), a subset of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine positioning (SEP), is the art and science of increasing one’s website visibility in the major search engines across a strategically defined set of keywords and keyword phrases that apply to products or services offered by your site.

Professional search engine optimisation (aka optimization) services in Australia typically include the following: keyword research analysis and selection, meta tag development and implementation, on-page factors optimisation, linking strategy development and implementation, directory listing development and submission, Web page submission and positions/rankings results reporting.

Why You Need It?

The potential for companies to market their products and services online is enormous. The Web is growing at an exponential rate. There are currently in excess of 20 billion Web documents in Google alone, increasing at a rate of roughly 7 million per day. Every day, Web users utilise the major search engines to launch over 400 million queries for products, services and information. So unless you are doing something serious to make your Web site appear more visible than the millions of others competing for attention, your site will simply be lost in the crowd.

Survey after survey confirms the common sense notion that search engines beat all other media in driving visitors to Web sites. Depending on which survey you read, around 80 percent of Internet users find your website through one of the top three search engines. Furthermore, 90 percent of those users will abandon their query if the first three (3) pages of results do not yield an answer to their question.

Significantly, at least a third of Internet users believe companies found in top search results are a major brand in their specific product/service category, indicating that top rankings translate to ‘brand equity’. So you can easily see why your Web site must be found prominently within the search results of all the major search engines in order to capitalise on the behaviors of searchers and achieve a viable online position or presence. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the service you need to achieve this.

Search Branding Studies

In 2001, NPD Group examined the effectiveness of three types of search engine ads: search listings, banner ads, and the tile ads to the right of search listings. The search editorial listings were read and clicked upon significantly more often than banners or tile ads, and they also produced more sales. Conclusion: Search listings provide more brand awareness than any other ads in a search environment.

In 2004, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Nielsen/NetRatings explored branding produced by search listing text ads versus the contextual ads in the right column, focusing on four branding attributes (unaided brand awareness, aided ad awareness, familiarity and brand image associations). Conclusion: Branding in search listings is stronger than contextual ad branding, particularly when the brand holds the top position in the search results page.


SYDNEY SEARCH RESULTS’s customised approach to search engine optimisation services includes all of the above services and considerations, plus a highly disciplined approach, plus additional customized services when required: paid inclusion management, competitive analysis and strategy, and visitor metrics and analysis. We particularly understand the unique search engine position marketplace in Australia and regularly work with Australian clients based in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.